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“The Seeking of Knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” Al- Tirmidhi, Hadith 74

Peace be Upon you!

When Holy Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet, the first word Allah revealed was “Iqra”. Iqra in Arabic means ‘Read’. Reading comes from knowledge and education. Such is the high regard for education in Islam. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said
“The Seeking of Knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” for the path to seeking knowledge leads straight to paradise.

The best gift to future generations is to teach and is the best way to perpetuate. Taking the guidance from divine saying KSSB Nazar Hussani Saheb, 22nd Sadar Sajjada Nashien has taken the initiative to provide free primary education in English medium to the needy.

This is a great step forward to help the community and society. Education is empowerment and a foundation for a great nation. This is a small step towards a great dream of turning the Sadar chowk Penukonda into an education hub.

We wish him the best in his endeavor and request your support for his initiatives in whatever way we can.

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